Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Thai authorities imposed the regulations regarding a permission to enter the Kingdom of Thailand, Including the quarantine upon arrival.   We provide and imposed several additional steps for protecting you against COVID-19 to make your trip as safe as possible.

Required documents upon arrival in Thailand

  1. One patient can come with up to 3 companions. Copy of the patient’s passport with a certified signature (newly signed) and Copy of the companion’s passport(s) with certified signature(s) (newly signed) [max. 3 companions) must be provided.
  2. Fit-to-travel or Fit-to-Fly certificate issued by a licensed doctor in the current country, within 72 hours before departure. (Please do not seek for this item yet. We shall alert you when to visit the doctor for this certificate.)
  3. Certificate of COVID-19 free within 72 hours before departure. (DO NOT attempt to get this COVID-19 test before the approval is confirmed)
  4. Insurance policy (or Guarantee letter from the Embassy) covering the treatment of COVID-19 incurred in Thailand, medical transportation and repatriation if needed, minimum amount of   US$ 100,000 each person, for the patient and each companion.
  5. Proof of financial status, including bank statement.
  6. Letter of intention and consent for quarantine under AHQ. Letter of approval to be hospitalized / quarantined in the hospital NOT less than 14 days (Prepared by Inspire IVF Clinic and signed by the patient and/or companions.)
  7. Certificate of Entry (COE) for Medical Tourism purposes from Thai Embassy in your country, after the approval of all documents above from the ministry of Health in Thailand.

Stay safe when you traval

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends following these steps to protect yourself and others when you travel:

•Maintain a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between you and others as much as possible.

• Avoid contact with anyone who is sick
• Limit contact with frequently touched surfaces, such as handrails, elevator buttons and kiosks. If you must touch these surfaces, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands afterward.
• Wear a cloth face mask.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
• Cover coughs and sneezes.
• Clean your hands often. It’s especially important after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose.
• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

• If soap and water aren’t available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub your hands together until they feel dry.

There are steps to follow when arriving at the airport

1. At the screening point in the arrival hall (Concourse E), the staff of the ministry of Health will wait for you  and bring you to the screening processes. You need to present the Certificate of Entry with lab test result issued no more than 72 hours prior to departure at check-in.

2. You are recommended to download the AOT Airport application (downloaded from App store or Google play)  to report the state of health

3. You can wait for your luggages after this screening point.

4. The airport staff will bring you to Exit 4 , and the hospital staff will then drive you to the alliance hospital. You are encouraged to self isolation process under Alternative Hospital Quarantine protocol (AHQ) for 14 days.

Protocol for the Quarantine in the hospital

1. You (and your companion) will be subject to the quarantine process at the alliance hospital from the day of arrival into the kingdom of Thailand.

2. You will be allowed to leave the room for the medical investigations and medical/dental procedures throughout the quarantine period.

3. Fever and Respiratory tract symptoms will be monitored on a daily basis. The RT-PCR test for Covid 19 will be performed 3 times ( Day 0, Day 5 and Day 14)

4. If the result is positive (Covid19 detected) at any time, the treatment can commence right after the test  and you will be care for in the hospital under your own expense. (Under the insurance coverage, conditions may apply)

Protocol for the Quarantine in the hospital

• Total of 3 COVID-19 screening tests conducted on property on days 0, 5 and 14
• Certified medical staff on site for any health-related needs whilst under  quarantine
• Admittance to hospital if testing positive for COVID-19
• Issuance of regular official reports on the status of each patient under observation
• Obtaining official COVID-19-free certificate on day 13 prior to the patient’s release
• Ambulance service on demand
• Roundtrip transfer between IATA-designated airports (BKK or DMK) and the hotel.

Traval advice and Support

iBaby recommended the hotels that have been certified by SHA 2020 (Safety and Health Administration) standardized.

Checklist of the hotel apply SHA 2020 standard

iBaby send the officer to inspect the hotel according to the checklist form. The following recommended accommodations are select according to SHA2020 (Safety and Health Administration) standard.

more information please contact : info@ibabyfertility.com