PICSI is a method of selecting the best possible sperm.PICSI is different from conventional ICSI,In addition to selecting viable and well-formed sperm ,We selected a single sperm with good maturity, nuclear integrity, and complete function through PICSI technology and used it for ICSI single sperm injection.

We mostly use PICSI in case that is not really good motility sperms, Improve embryo fertilization rate and transplant success rate

The more mature a sperm cell, the more able it is to bind to hyaluronic acid, meaning that it is better suited to fertilizing the egg. Mature, biochemically competent sperm bind are then isolated by the embryologist and used for ICSI.

PICSI is highly recommended in these particular cases:

– Patients with less asthenospermia

– Surgical sperm retrieval in patients

– High sperm deformity rate

– Previous failure or low fertilisation even after ICSI.

– Repeated miscarriages.

– Low embryo quality or their failure to develop