All our doctors, nurses, and laboratory staff have graduated and attended the famous medical institutes in Australia, Japan, and Spain. In addition, years of international experience makes our staff be leading fertility specialists in Asia.


Our specialists are experienced in various embryo culture practices, especially 23 chromosome examinations. Our clinic offers full Preimplantation Genetic Testing with 3 modalities: PGT-A, PGT-M, PGT-SR. 


Provide a safe, private, and luxurious medical environment. Set up VIP rooms to enhance patients’ medical experience

High Success Rate

iBaby has consistently been a leading fertility clinic in Thailand, achieving excellent success rates since 2010. At iBaby Fertility, our success rate greater than 75%.

The Age of Women’s Stimulation
< 30 85%
30 - 34 79%
35 - 39 62%
40 - 44 51%
> 45 33%
The Success Rate of Embryo Transfer
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