Quality control Laboratory Department EQA By UK NEQAS


iBaby Fertility & Genetic Center will have evaluations of both internal quality control and external quality control from international organisations in order to be confident that we are accepted and reached the international standard quality and apply it.

Laboratory Department of iBaby Fertility & Genetic Center is registered in the follwing schemes of the UK NEQAS for Reproductive

  • UK NEQAS for Embryology

  • UK NEQAS for Semen Analysis (incorporating concentration, motility and morphology)



ISO 9001: 2015

iBaby Fertility & Genetic Center received recertification for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 (from May 2018 to May2021) from the BSI Certificate of Registration Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015 This is to certify that iBaby Fertility & Genetic Center Holds Certificate Number : TH011318 and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 following scope : SERVICES FOR THE TREATMENT OF INFERTILITY



GHA The Global Healthcare Accreditation Program For Medical Travel Services

The GHA program complements existing national and international clinical accreditation programs. While these programs have traditionally focused on the clinical aspects of care for an entire organization, GHA conducts a deep review of the International or Global Patient Services program, or the entity within an organization that serves the medical travel patient.



Genomic Quality Assessment (GenQA) is an External Quality Assessment (EQA)/Proficiency Testing provider.

Are you a laboratory or individual clinician wanting to provide accurate, reliable test results and gain advice which ultimately facilitates optimal patient care? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re ready to provide you with objective information and advice on the quality of your analytical and interpretative performance.